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SAGE Conference

An all new annual conference hosted by Honor where experts in across the aging space join together to discuss how to build better ways to age.


Brand Designer


Honor Techology


Honor is hosting SAGE, a first-of-its-kind conference exploring how to improve the journey of growing older from all aspects of aging. The brand identity and system needed to echo Honor's branding and style, and feel professional and inviting.


Attendance for the event exceeded expectations by 20%. Three home care agencies joined the Honor Care Network in direct response to the conference. The brand's visual language was highly praised by HQ employees and SAGE attendees.


I explored text lock ups and graphic style logos featuring sage leaves calling back to the conference name and to also pay homage to Honor's embracement of nature elements in their brand philosophy. 

The organic quality of the final logo lends itself to become dynamic in signage, collateral, social media imagery, slide deck design, and more. The shape is featured in several variations, the same way that problems can be solved with different solutions.

SAGE2019 Logo
SAGE2019 Landing Page
SAGE2019_booklet_mockup_horizontal copy.png
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