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Employee Appreciation Virtual Backgrounds

After Honor acquired Home Instead, the company was launching a new employee appreciation program. Winners would receive a custom designed Google Meet background, featuring elements meaningful to both organizations.


Brand Designer

Art Director



Honor Technology


After Honor and Home Instead merged, the People Team aimed to unite employees and boost morale. A new employee recognition program would be implemented but the rewards budget was tight. My team and I suggested awarding a fully custom Google Meet background to proudly display while working remotely.  


In just one quarter, employee engagement increased by 500% after the launch of the personalized backgrounds.

Sarah's active participation, ownership, follow through, and creativity resulted in a quality experience for our employees and a celebrated framework to create a 'Values First' culture.

Renee Minnis, SVP People at Honor Technology


As I researched impactful virtual backgrounds, I was inspired to explore a collage direction and incorporate elements meaningful to our two companies and employees. 

Honor has four company values, and three ways of working under each. I created four compositions that would contain slight variance in objects for each way of working for a total of twelve unique backgrounds.

Twenty different easter eggs pay homage to the two companies in each scene, including references to geographic landmarks from HQ cities, giveaways from company events, and departmental icons. Even the mid-century modern style of furniture is a call back to the interior design style of the Honor HQ office.

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