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Nutriance Organic Skin Care

Nutriance Skin Care products was reformulated, and would now offer the first all organic skin care line in the direct selling industry. Everything from packaging to marketing collateral was re-designed to appeal to a new audience and feel current.




NeoLife International

Screen Shot 2023-06-26 at 3.56.54 PM.png

The formula and packaging for the Nutriance Skin Care line was outdated. It needed a high end, fresh look, targeted slightly towards middle-aged women, and differentiate itself from others in the direct selling industry.

> Old Nutriance
Skin Care packaging


Nutriance Skin Care had previously made up 2% of the company's sales, but during the first quarter of it’s launch, it occupied 20% of the sales. Furthermore, it sold out at all four launch events across the globe.


Packaging for current skin care lines in the direct selling industry seemed to lack quality, while retail packaging boasted styles that evoked more expensive looking design.

To distinguish from competitors, I adopted the high-end aesthetic seen in retail packaging which showcased minimal typography and clean designs, both qualities indicative of a premium look.

After packaging design approval, marketing and sales collateral was to be created, echoing the sophisticated type treatment and minimalistic design aesthetic of the packaging.

The word "DEFY" takes on a variety of meanings through the marketing material. The look and feel is defying the skin care industry but utilizing images in grayscale, the products defy the aging process, and Nutriance is defying the direct selling industry by creating the first high-end, organic line.

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