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NeuroRenew is a neurological rehabilitation clinic that helps patients with diseases that impair neurological function through occupational and physical therapy to improve motor skills.  


Brand Designer

Art Director




My client was opening her own neurological rehabilitation clinic, and was looking for thoughtful branding to set herself up for a strong launch. The identity should be calming, approachable, light hearted, loving, physically capable or athletic.


Logo options express organic, forward movement, reflecting the purpose of the work, and emphasizing that there's no straight path through rehab.

NeuroRenew Exploration

Harmonious colors give both a sense of energy and trustworthiness. Typefaces with modern and organic qualities evoke professionalism and approachability. Fonts are very legible to accommodate the older eyes of the target audience.

All of the options are all fantastic. I’m so impressed with the thought and consideration you put into everything.

Beth, Founder of NeoRenew

Screen Shot 2023-04-21 at 10.55.13 AM.png

The final logo shows detail in the cerebellum so it stands out without feeling disconnected. The orange circle ends with an arrow to show a "refresh" or "renew" that a patient would feel after undergoing neurological rehab.

Two logo orientations allow for flexibility in usage across multiple platforms, and they meet the original vision for a brand identity. 

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