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Caregiver Chats Podcast

On the Caregiver Chats podcast, caregivers share real stories about the highs and lows of caregiving. It’s a place where family caregivers and care partners  find support and learn from experts to help make the caregiving journey more manageable.


Brand Designer



Home Instead, an Honor Company


Home Instead is launching a new podcast to heighten brand awareness and engage a younger audience, bringing them in earlier into the care funnel. 

The identity needed to embody the conversational aspect of the podcast. Branding would span materials across digital and print mediums. 


The creative brief requirements were met, and the podcast continues to see growth in listenership. 


My first versions of the artwork feature overlapping speech bubbles, populated with hand-drawn shaped icons depicting the range of activities caregivers and clients do together. Mixed typefaces complement each other and express the professionalism of caregiving, and echos the conversational tone of the podcast. Colors are fun yet sophisticated.

The second round of designs satisfies the stakeholder feedback. Branding should still tie into the Home Instead look and feel but give Dr. Lakelyn her own visual identity. I shifted towards simpler compositions while focusing on Home Instead colors and fonts.

CC Podcast Art

The branding aligns with Home Instead's aesthetic, and it conveys the casual tone of the podcast. A readable title, cohesive guest headshots, and reused iconography enhance consistency across platforms.

CC Flyer
Caregiver Chats Mug
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